Juana la Virgen



Radio Caracas Televisión

1 saison

Drame, Soap

153 épisodes

Avec : Daniela Alvarado, Ricardo Álamo, Roxana Díaz...

Seventeen-year-old Juana Perez (played by Daniela Alvarado) gets pregnant by artificial insemination due to hospital error. The father of the baby is found to be Mauricio de la Vega (played by Ricardo Álamo). When Mauricio finds out that he’s going to have a baby, he starts to fall in love with Juana despite the fact that he is still married to Carlota Vivas (played by Roxana Díaz). Carlota tries everything possible to keep Mauricio and Juana separated.
Francisco Rojas (played by Saul Marin) disappears during Positivo magazine’s party. Rogelio Vivas (Carlotas father, played by Eduardo Serrano) tries to make people think Mauricio has something to do with the disappearing. Mauricio and Juana escape to the mountains but Rogelio and Carlota start looking for them and finally find Mauricio and Juana with a new-born child.

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