Let’s talk with Alexander Calvert at the DarkLight Con 4 by People Convention (Exclusive Interview)

The DarkLight Con 4, dedicated to Supernatural and organized by People Convention, took place on March 19th and 20th in Paris, France. Alexander Calvert, who played Jack in the show, was one of the guests and we had the chance to meet him.

Alexander Calvert may not be Jack but he really looks like an angel. Kind, humble, conscientious, speaking with a quiet voice, he wants to do well -and he does ! We had the privilege of meeting him at the French Supernatural convention last month in Paris. So let’s talk with Alexander Calvert about being an actor and what it involves. 

Let’s start with Jack. You said goodbye to him two years ago. Has he left a mark on you ?

Yes ! How naive he was, how innocent he was, which are my favorite qualities about him. So i guess that would be the biggest thing I take away from the character. We’re both seeing the good in everyone.

Are you aware of the impact your character has had on people ?

Sometimes. Because when you get to meet a lot of people, they tell you the impact that Jack or the show had on their lives and it’s very touching because it’s very personal for them. So I’m slightly aware but having a full awareness of what this show has done for people is kind of impossible at this point.

Audience tend to mix up actors with their characters. Is it something you have to accept as an actor ?


Alexander Calvert
Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural (©The CW)

So is fame game changing ?

Yes but I don’t really think that’s an issue for me… Supernatural has a very dedicated fanbase but my life is very normal otherwise, you know… I go to the coffee shop, same place I go to all the time, so that didn’t affect my life that much. There is definitely weekends like this where it feels strange but that’s just a weekend.

As an actor, are you always staying true to your values and beliefs or sometimes compromises are necessary ?

Well, it’s all pretend you know ? I don’t really have that issue.

In order to do this job, do you need to perfectly know who you are or being an actor helps you finding your true self ?

I think it’s the second one. When you have to explore different situations that are hard and difficult for the character, you’re kind of forced to, at least recognize, and deal with those things within yourself. So I’d say the work helps to explore yourself and at the same time you’re bringing your own life to the character. It’s a mix of both but I think all of us actors are lucky that we get to explore different things, sometimes dark things, while doing shows and our work.

Some actors may struggle with their mental health after intense roles. What would you say about that ?

There is a lot of actors out there and a lot of people struggling with mental health issues. When you’re doing these characters, you just have to put on a mask, which most people do everyday anyway… So you’re doing that and then sharing with people that way and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. You share different things through the ability of someone else’s dialogue and the art of -whatever- film, television, play. It’s getting to share your common human experience that I think makes it universal and probably helps people on both sides, in front and behind the camera with their mental health stuff. Does that answer your question ?

Yes it does, thank you !

Well, I don’t feel like I have a Split personality you know ! Not that it is a medical term…

And how do you protect yourself and your public image ?


Like on social medias ?

Yeah, I don’t really share anything that’s happening in my real life on social medias. It’s all just what you’re presenting, what you’re sharing, it’s coordinated. It’s not like you with your parents but it’s you in a photoshoot or you sharing something specifically for a reason. I think your personal boundaries are very important. Choose what you allow and don’t allow in your life.

Talking about social medias, your Instagram profile looks like an art gallery. Where does this idea come from ?

From me ! That’s very nice of you to say. I guess it’s just what’s inspiring me now, what I’m interested in. I guess that is some reflection of my brain or what i’m currently curious about. I just share what’s interesting to me.

It’s a visual diary then !

Yeah, in a way.

And there is no specific message behind it ?

No but sure, you can take a million messages from it if you wanted to read into it. It’s like any content, art or visual thing you’re consuming. You and I look at the same painting and we have completely different reactions to it. But for me, it’s just what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what I’m interested in, who’s making my brain tick at the moment I guess.

There is not a lot of text with your posts so you don’t need to say much to express yourself. Does it apply to acting as well ?

Yeah, I’m not really interested in sharing my own opinions or saying things. I’d rather let the work speak for itself. I think an image says more than words. People are very active on Twitter, but I’m really not anymore, so I’d better like actions or images. It’s more interesting for me at this point.

On your social medias we can see that you’re involved in many good causes. Is it part of being an artist to use your voice to spread awareness ?

Um… yes and no. I think your goal as an artist is to make art, or at least try to. However, there has been certain causes that just happen to align with stuff I care about so if I have an opportunity to help, I do it. For example, I made a T-shirt with Stands and they donate 50% of everything to charity, or sometimes 100%, it depends on the product. So for me it was « I like design, I like images… Oh I’d like to make a T-shirt ! » and it happens that I could help people doing that. So I don’t know if it’s part of the job to do that, I just think that if you can, why not ?

Would you like to design again ?

I don’t know yet.

And are there other artistic things you would like to try someday ?

I’ve been pretty focused on acting for most of my life so I don’t know if there would be other things. I’ve been really focused on that for fifteen years so… I mean, there is a lot of other stuff out there but I don’t know.

Maybe photography ? You like being in photos but what about taking them ?

Oh I don’t like being in photos !

You don’t ?

No… Ironically ! (laughs) But yes, I like taking photos. I’ve been taking photos of people, but for my Instagram, people don’t want to see other photos of other people, right ?

Why not ? It could be another talent of yours…

Why not ? Oh that’s kind of you… But I guess my answer for now is… I don’t know !

And that was my last question, thank you !

Okay, thank you !

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